How Much do Influencers Make?Let’s face it — the glamor and the near-to-perfection lifestyle of celebrities inspire us all. We believe an influencer is an icon of beauty, a role model and idol. Interestingly, this trend is pretty common since the rise of social media and particularly with the rise…

2020 is the year of authenticity. It is the year of #nofilter. Instagram users are increasingly demanding more real and authentic content. Instagram marketers need to take note of that when searching for influencers.

1. The year of the relatable influencer

Instagram users are looking for authenticity from influencers. There have been too much picture-perfect aesthetics and…

Instagram has created a new profession — the influencer. Influencers earn a healthy income by promoting a sponsored post in which they’re paid a pre-arranged amount for.

Due to hype and demand for paid influencers, came a massive influx with wannabe wannabe and fake “Influencers” trying to make a quick buck and many businesses and brands have fallen for it.

Every industry has one — for the financial world, we call them ponzi scheme perpetrators; for the…


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